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Tree pruning services in Cairns

Often tree pruning is all you need to improve the health of your trees while reducing the risk to surrounding property. We offer a full range of tree surgery, pruning and removal services to ensure your trees are in excellent health, that your property is safe and that trees which are dead or pose a significant hazard can be removed safely and effectively. We can also relocate or move trees which may not pose a risk but for aesthetic or other reasons, you would like to move. Our team has a full range of equipment which allows us to remove even the largest of trees without an issue. We can even get into tight spaces safely and quickly.
Tree Pruning — Tree Removal in Yorkeys Knob, QLD
Tree Services — Tree Removal in Yorkeys Knob, QLD

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We are proud to offer a full range of tree surgery and pruning services. No matter how big the tree we can handle taking it down or removing potentially hazardous limbs and branches.
Tree removal - Whilst Advanced Vegetation Management is committed to exploring all options before resorting to tree removal, this action may be required in some cases due to a range of factors such as overcrowding, dangerous positioning or tree rot. The team at Advanced Vegetation Management are qualified to remove trees safely using the latest equipment and modern techniques including confined space rigging, with ropes and overhead cranes for large and difficult removals.
Tree pruning and dead wooding - Pruning is required in some instances when trees become too big for their allotted area or have grown over buildings and require reduction. Often trees in the tropics become internally shaded which causes limbs to die. These limbs can be dangerous to people and property and need to be removed on a regular basis.
Tree surgery – Sometimes a tree needs a little help to return to full health. At Advanced Vegetation Management we are able to complete the specialist pruning or remedial works required to maintain or prolong the life of a tree. We can help you keep your trees in a healthy condition for longer since total removal is best reserved as a last resort.

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We are not only adept at providing all the work you need, we can also help you determine which service is the right option for your trees. We are committed to offering full arborist services to help you assess the health and safety of any tree. If it can be saved we will help you with specialised cutting to ensure it is left in the best possible condition. Call today for more information.