Block & Land Clearing


Land clearing services in Cairns

Advanced Vegetation Management offers a full service to clear your section or block including tree felling, root removal, excavation, wood chipping, stump grinding and spreading of mulch. Whether you have purchased a block of land that needs to be cleared before you can build your dream home or you are looking to clear out a section of the yard to add a swimming pool or other feature, we can provide you with the services you need to get the job done quickly and safely.

Our team of professional tree cutters and arborists will assess the land, create a detailed plan for the removal of trees and brush and offer you a detailed quote. You can rest assured the price we give you is the price you will pay so you know exactly what to expect from the beginning of the project to the end.
Tree Trunks on Truck — Tree Removal in Yorkeys Knob, QLD
Land Clearing — Tree Removal in Yorkeys Knob, QLD

Check out our wide range of land clearing services throughout the Cairns area

We can provide a variety of land clearing services to help you get any lot fully cleared and ready for your upcoming project. No job is too big or too small. We offer:
Tree felling – We have the equipment necessary to remove trees of virtually any size. We can even get into tight spaces in order to take down trees that other companies would have to leave behind. We’ll fully assess the site and determine the best tactics for removing each particular tree to ensure it is done with complete efficiency and safety.
Root removal – Large roots can get in the way of building and digging projects. We can fully remove them from them to ensure you have full access to the land both above and under ground.
Excavation – We provide full excavation and earth moving services to help you flatten or even out the land for building and other projects. We can also help you with drainage issues and other earthmoving tasks.
Wood chipping – Our team has heavy-duty wood chippers which allow us to break down even large trees and shrubs and create mulch which can be more easily taken away or used around the site. We can leave you with a clean area even after removing large trees and bushes.
Stump grinding – The only issue with removing a sick or dead tree is the annoying stump that is left behind. We provide full stump grinding services to grind the stump down into mulch so it can be thoroughly removed, leaving your land perfectly flat and usable.
Mulch spreading – If you want to use the mulch created during your tree felling or stump grinding project we can spread it around the site for you to wherever it is needed. Wood mulch is ideally suited for areas like flower beds, gardens, sitting areas and more.