Coconut De-nutting


Coconut de-nutting in Cairns

Falling coconuts are a growing hazard throughout the Cairns area. They can cause injury to people and damage to property so it’s important to have coconuts removed before they begin falling. Most trees need to be de-nutted twice a year, at Advanced Vegetation Management we have the proper equipment and expertise to get the job done safely and effectively. We provide the entire Cairns area with full service coconut de-nutting to help make your property safer, as well as to protect vehicles and other underlying items.

Additionally, we can help you assess the risks of any palm trees on your property so you can feel confident in knowing your home or business is safe.
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Why coconut de-nutting is an important task

Coconuts can be dangerous if they drop onto someone passing by and they can cause significant damage to property. While they may be small, a coconut falling from the top of a tree can hit with up to a tonne or more of force. This is enough to cause significant damage or injury and even death depending on where and how they hit. Due to the fact that coconuts fall unpredictably it’s important to remove them as soon as possible so you have more control over the situation. Unfortunately coconut removal is specialised work that requires the right equipment in order to perform properly and safely.

At Advanced Vegetation Management we have the equipment and knowledge needed to perform coconut de-nutting quickly and effectively. We are well trained in all aspects of removal of coconuts of any size, you can get your trees cleaned up and ready to enjoy again. We’ll ensure the job is done thoroughly so you can feel safe with your family, children and pets in the yard again.

If you need coconut de-nutting services give us a call and we’ll be glad to come by and offer a free, no obligation quote.